Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Story Type Process Update: Lifehacker


Readers scrolling through streams can easily scan for content relevant to them. Wether they land on a stream, a permalink, or a story type page, we hope that visually displaying this information will improve the readability of your site.


Right now, Indexers, like Google, scan all of your content (titles, copy, etc.) to understand what Lifehacker is all about. Adding additional context using keywords organized in a specific hierarchy makes your site easier to crawl.

Story Types can have descriptions and branding furthering the visual connection and way-finding. This is particularly helpful for story types that aren’t inherently clear to new readers like Dose of Reality, Getting It, or High Five.


How To Use Story Types and Tags Together:

Story Types: Think of these as the primary tag that describes what this article can be categorized by.


Tags: Tags should further describe the content of the article and allow readers to drill down deeper into more nuanced or specific topics.

Useful To Readers:

Story Type: App Directory

Tags Useful to Readers: Apple Watch, WatchOs

Tags Not Useful to Readers: Face, Complication, App

*do NOT also tag the story type

If your articles does not fit into any of these categories, you’ll likely need to create a new one. Speak to a site Admin or Owner to create it for you.

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