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Multiple Authors Guide

Now in Kinja you no longer have to use the custom byline tool to add more authors to a post.

Adding additional authors to your post:

  1. Click on the space next to the original author name
  2. Begin typing the name of the author you’d like to add
  3. Click on a suggestion to add it to the authors.
    TIP: You can also press the “comma” or “right arrow” key to add the currently selected author, and navigate between suggestions with “up arrow” and “down arrow”

This is how a post with multiple authors will look when published on you post and on the homepage.

To remove an author from a post, just hover over their name and click!



If I am added as another author will my post show up on my author page?

No, not yet, but you can click through to each individual author page from the byline. At the completion of the project these posts will show up on your author page, so we recommend using the tool from now.


Do I have to be a member of a blog to be added as a multiple author?

Yes, you have to be a blog member.

Can I edit a post that I have been added to as a multiple author?


Can I go back and add an additional author to an old post?


What about Author Bios?

The second part of the project will address the author bio — (which is getting revamped!). The default on a post with more than one author will be to hide the author bios, you can choose to add them back in the editor toolbar.


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