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How To Set Up A Video Template

When using MCP videos with the video template, your post will have an automatically assigned category, which gives the viewer context around what series they’re viewing.

If the series has seasons, those seasons will be displayed as a sub-category of the series’ category. These fields are automatically generated, all you need to do is embed a video from MCP.


To get started, compose a post using your site’s “Video” story type. Once your story type is set, select the “Video” option from the post type menu, the same place you’d change your post to Featured or Liveblog.

Once you select the Video post type, you’ll have the option to add a featured video to the post. You can use Kinja’s video search tool or drop a link from MCP, just like you’re embedding a video in the post body.

*Note: The Video story type requires a specific “video” configuration. If your site doesn’t have a Video story type, ask your site lead to create one (more on that at the end of this document). If you believe your Video story type is configured incorrectly, contact us to investigate.


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