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The Reviews tool consists of two parts: the data box, and Story Type pages. In order to publish a post as a Review, you must select a Review Story Type. Then review data must be added to the post, which you can do through the data box form. The data box can be displayed or hidden in your published post.

Reviews can be filed to a category and a subcategory (Smartphones & Motorola in the example pictured to the right). You can add custom fields in the form as supporting information, which will be presented in the review box displayed on the page.


By using the category and subcategory filing system, you will be able to utilize a Review Story Type page with the option to filter through the different categories nested beneath your site’s review story type.

The Data Box

The review data box is a new tool that you can choose to insert in your posts. By adding it to your post, you can also choose to file your review under a category and a subcategory (more on that below). You can also add as much additional information as you want in the box. These are very flexible and can be used in many different ways. The only limitation is that there can not be more than one data box per post.

By choosing a story type that is associated with the “review” structure, you can now add a data box to your post. Make sure you select the correct story type before you save the post with review data because once the review data is set, you won’t be able to change blog/story type.


Clicking the review icon opens up the modal to construct your box.


Categories and Sub-Categories:

  • The purpose is to help to file and organize reviews if it makes sense for the story type
  • You can add new categories, and subcategories right from the review box modal. Always double check to make sure you are not adding a duplicate category.
  • Choosing a category will determine what is populated in the subcategory dropdown (if you choose Game of Thrones, the seasons will populate in the second dropdown). In the future, it will also determine if the post can be filtered on the story type page.
  • You can add an optional grade to your review box
  • Only one box per post, but can be placed anywhere in the post
  • Review data labels are customizable, you can type whatever you want there. You can also add as many as you want
  • The Review box itself is also optional to use in the post. If you only want to use the system to file data on the Review Story Type page, you can choose to save your review info, but not add the box to your post.
  • The Review Box can be placed anywhere in the post. It can also be left or center aligned.
  • You can also edit your review by clicking on the pencil icon.

Review Story Type Pages

By using the category and subcategory filing system, you will be able to utilize a story type page with the option to filter through the different categories you have used.


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