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Guide To Live Blogs

1. Select Liveblog from the advanced editor dropdown

Compose your starter post with a headline, lead image & paragraph. Use METAPOST tag so that articles shared to Facebook display properly.


2. Once you click publish OR save to drafts, you will see a Liveblog Status Module appear below your starter post. The default setting is “Queued.” You will not be able to add updates if your post is a draft or in the queued state. Regular readers cannot see this status module— only blog members. If you want to add an update to the liveblog your post must be published and you must switch the state to live or ended.

Queued State - Can be used in a published post to let readers know that a liveblog will be happening later in the day, without activating the liveblog editor.

Live State - Adds a pulsing “live” badge at the top of post and on the homepage. Posting available in Chron or Reverse Chron order.


Ended State - Takes away live badge. Posting still available in Chron or Reverse Chron order.

  • When you first turn on a liveblog and switch it from “queued” to “live”, the default will be reverse chron order.
  • The update to the status module will allow you to do a live blog in reverse-chron or chronological order.
  • Note: Chronological order can be used for posts with multiple updates (i.e. breaking news) that you still want in chron order. ******A reminder that live blog updates can be edited just like a regular post.*******

3. Clicking add update will prompt the liveblog editor to appear.

The liveblog editor refreshes and stays open after you publish so you can quickly start and add new updates without having to reopen it every time. You can publish by either clicking “publish” or by pressing “command” + “enter”


4. Clicking replies at the top of the liveblog will bring you to the comments. While you can reply to a comment left by a reader, you cannot reply directly to the starter post if you are a blog member.

5. The liveblog editor supports most of the same features as the normal editor, Liveblog Updates can be edited, just like a regular post.


The recommended stories module does not work in the liveblog editor


6. Once an update is published, it will appear in the updates stream with your byline and a timestamp. Each update is considered its own permalink/ mini post. While the liveblog editor is open, additions to the liveblog made by blog members will appear below it in the updates stream.

7. Close the Liveblog editor by pressing the cancel button, reopen the editor by clicking the Add Updates button


8. You can switch the order of your updates at any time by flipping the reverse chron to chron switch. This is a useful tool at the end of a more conversational liveblog when you want your readers to see the whole story after the liveblog has ended.

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