Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Editor Tips & Tricks

  • Most formatting keyboard shortcuts are supported.
  • Click an image or video and begin typing to add a caption.
  • Click an image or video for alignment options: left, text width, or column width (large media only). See this test post for image formatting and size rules.
  • Links for the following can be pasted into the editor, which transforms the link into an embed: all images, YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook video, MCP, Kinja story permalinks, Kinja comment permalinks. Full list here.
  • YouTube videos and pull quotes can be aligned left or center.
  • Embeds that aren’t supported by pasting a link in the editor can still be used, provided an iframe is available — simply paste the iframe into the post’s HTML. Kinja only supports iframe embed types.
  • Schedule or backdate your post by changing the timestamp to the future or past.
  • Adhere to GMG Edit publishing standards with this doc by Marina Galperina.

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Director Of Editorial Product. #DiscoTeam4Lyfe